LINKABLES, a truly unique and beautiful lighting solution for the trim of your home, business, building, or fence line. Linkables cannot be found in the “big box” stores or the large retailers. We have linkables of many different styles from the classic snowflakes and icicles to our latest starburst, holly and berry, or hard candy linkable all available in LED. Linkables come mounted on steel or aluminum frames to keep their shape, every point of light has it’s own hard plastic colored cover as well. No longer will you have to look at droopy, saggy, or wind blown faded holiday lighting displays. These neat and clean installations retain their original installation condition until it is time for take-down.


Linkables can be customized for any holiday as well. Heart linkables for Valentines, shamrocks for St. Pats, pumpkins for Halloween. Maybe you want your name in linkables! For our customized lighting let your imagination run wild or consult with one of our lighting specialists for more ideas! Call the holiday lighting specialists at HAPPY HOLIDAY LITES today!